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Designed and facilitated by our youth hosts and global partners in transformative education, our Activist Programs provide aspiring and experienced education activists of all ages with the community, resources, and global solidarity they need to grow, thrive, and co-create their visions for a better world.

Annual Learning Festival

1st edition: What if young people designed the future of education? 
2nd edition: How will young people design the future of education?
3rd edition: What do we need to learn, be, and do, to create the world of our deepest longing?
4th edition: How do we need to learn, live and weave together to create the world of our deepest longings?
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Community Calls

Our monthly, global Community Calls are empowering spaces to find collaborators, share our stories, create together and reflect on our learning and unlearning towards our collective liberation. We also hosted in-person meet-ups in Cotonou, Lomé and Lagos over 2021 and 2022.
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Global Action Circles Program

Our 5-month peer-to-peer program, where intergenerational cohorts of 10 activists, facilitated by our youth Hosts, co-evolve their visions, skills and projects through the exploration of a personal learning question. This learning journey culminates with a final Showcase at our annual Learning Festival, and was designed in partnership with Huddlecraft, an award winning social enterprise.
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Allyship Program

To carry our work forward, we sometimes need the support of allies that have experience dealing with some of the challenges we are facing. We host intergenerational spaces every other month for youth activists and adult allies to share wisdom and nurture collaborations around shared passions and intersecting projects. 
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Weavership Program

The Weavership is a capacity-building experience for Local & Global Community Organizers (LCOs & GCOs), whether from YouthxYouth or from other organizations. It is an 11-month fellowship to deepen our practice of weaving glocal (global-local) intergenerational learning communities in order to advance education transformation. This program is conducted in partnership with the Weaving Lab.
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Connect, learn and grow with a global community of youth education activists and adult allies committed to transforming education, together. Receive emails notifying you of community calls, local meet-ups, and more!
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We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization, registered as a 501(c)3 in the U.S.A. All our funds go directly into organizing, facilitating and supporting our youth education activists. Donate today to sponsor youth-led transformation of education.
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