Global Action Circles Program

Peer-to-peer learning groups hosted by young people.

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Global Action Circles

GACs are peer-to-peer learning groups hosted by young people. The GACs are intergenerational whilst remaining youth-led and youth-centered. Each GAC meets twice a month for 6 months (from August to January) around a common theme that they collectively explore. Each person in the GAC defines their own learning question which they will explore, deepen, and prototype for the duration of their learning journey. All GACs share their learnings and calls-to-action with the wider YxY community during our annual Learning Festival.
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What They Say

"Working on my learning question has inspired me to use the most basic resources I have to reach the goals I envisioned. So, starting with my community and those in my immediate environment, I can help change people's perceptions about children with intellectual disabilities." - GRACE AREVEESO
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