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Glocal Hubs

YouthxYouth Glocal Hubs are our locally-rooted, globally-supported homes for youth-led transformation of education, facilitated by resident youth weavers in partnership with allies and institutions to accelerate the process of young people influencing, designing, and creating systemic change.

Want a Glocal Hub in your community?

Join our Weavership in 2024 to learn our methodology for weaving youth-led learning ecosystems and life-affirming futures. We are seeking to expand our Glocal Hubs program to all continents and in every country where our YxY Activists and Allies reside.

Apply to join our Weavership to co-create a home for youth education activists in your community today.

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We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization, registered as a 501(c)3 in the U.S.A. All our funds go directly into organizing, facilitating and supporting our youth education activists. Donate today to sponsor youth-led transformation of education.
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