Global Action Circles Program

Peer-to-peer learning groups hosted by young people.


Global Action Circles - Applications now closed!

Our 5-month peer-to-peer program, where intergenerational cohorts of 10 activists, facilitated by our youth Hosts, co-evolve their visions, skills and projects through the exploration of a personal learning question. This learning journey culminates with a final Showcase at our annual Learning Festival, and was designed in partnership with Huddlecraft, an award winning social enterprise.

What They Say

"Working on my learning question has inspired me to use the most basic resources I have to reach the goals I envisioned. So, starting with my community and those in my immediate environment, I can help change people's perceptions about children with intellectual disabilities." - GRACE AREVEESO, YxY Host & Activist, 2021 GAC Cohort
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Would you like to be a YxY activist?  

Anyone can attend our Learning Festival, however, not all participants are YxY Activists.

**So who are YxY Activists and why should you apply?** YxY Activists are young people (15 to 26 years-old) from around the world (over 50 countries currently in our community!) who believe that there is something deeply wrong with our education systems and who are passionate about creating positive change in the world through the transformation of education. Together, we are a learning community who are here to listen, support, and care for one another.

By becoming a YxY Activist, you get access to...:
- The YxY Café Experience: a youth-only discussion space for you to be heard and make friends during the YxY Learning Festival.
- The YxY Activist Handbook: your personal handbook filled with reflection activities and interesting resources to explore for each day of the Learning Festival and beyond.
- A Discord group for all our 2022 cohort to communicate with one another easily. Becoming a YxY Activist also gives you preferential access to our upcoming programs (e.g. Global Action Circles, trainings, mentorship, etc.) and is the first step towards becoming a YxY Host in the future.

NOTE: We will select YxY Activists on a rolling basis so we recommend that you **apply as soon as you can**!
10 Activist Archetypes
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