What if we had compassion for ourselves? - Cultivating Resilience through Self-Compassion

January 22, 2022 11:00 AM
55 Minutes
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Ruchi Ghose

Ruchi Ghose believes in ‘wellbeing for all.’ A practitioner and a seeker herself, she firmly believes that the key to societal transformation is personal transformation. She works with educational institutions and a variety of organizations in the social sector to build an awareness and the skills for wellbeing. However, her heart lies in education. She is passionately convinced of the need to sensitize and teach children in school to be compassionate, self-aware and ethically responsible for themselves, their communities and the environment, to be able to bring about any sustained change. She loves working with teachers and is passionately committed to educational change. She is currently based in Bangalore India, and is a member of the Wellbeing Team at Viridus Social Impact Solutions. She is a certified SEE Learning Facilitator and CBCT facilitator from Emory University.


Session Details

The work of social change is hard and challenging. We need to be there for the long haul without losing heart no matter how defeating the task may appear to be. This session on cultivating resilience through self-compassion, helps participants explore alternative ways to relate to disappointments, failure and challenges. Through self-reflective exercises they learn to appreciate that much of the distress they experience in the face of disappointments and the vagaries of life is caused by their own conditioned ways of thinking. They reflect on their own unhelpful thinking patterns. They understand the role of self-compassion and its relationship to cultivating a growth mindset and resilience and learn strategies to cultivate the same.
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