What if we all had access to mental health support?

January 23, 2022 10:30 AM
25 Minutes
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Charvi Gangwani

Charvi Gangwani is an 18-year-old Indian activist who founded The Amygdala Forum and has been leading the youth-driven movement since 2019. She has been tackling the critical issue of mental health by using collaborative ICT tools to help adolescents achieve psychological resilience through counseling by mental health professionals, international webinars, resource packages, and mindful activities. Charvi has spoken on world stages such as TED-Ed, Good Earth Environmental Conference, and Generation Unlimited India at UNICEF. She has a strong interest in global health sciences, deriving from her passion for engaging at the intersections of cultures and disciplines. Charvi has authored publications on topics including entrepreneurial intentions in university students, AI-based healthcare, and water waste management systems to achieve the UN 2030 agenda. She has been awarded the Long Term Impact award by UNICEF India and Best Social Enterprise Plan 2020 by Teach a Man to Fish UK for spearheading a community-driven campaign to end the silence around mental health challenges faced by students and organized various activities from grassroots to a global level. This year, she founded Generation She at Hollins, an organization that provides resources, events, and a growing community to prepare all women to be the leaders of tomorrow.


Session Details

Language shapes how we see the world. The words we choose and the meanings we attach to them influence our feelings, attitudes and beliefs. Our language choices have a powerful effect on how we view mental health and people living with mental health conditions. In this session, Charvi Gangwani, an Indian mental health advocate shares how you can contribute in creating multilingual resources for adolescents whose first language is not English to make information on mental health more inclusive for people with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The session will highlight the potential of virtual communities in bringing more diverse sets of voices to participate in the virtual working of strengthening advocacy efforts.
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