Using Research to Challenge Systems and Promote Change

January 23, 2022 2:00 PM
80 Minutes
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Dr. Chris Bagley

Chris Bagley is Director of Research at States of Mind and a lecturer, tutor and doctorate research supervisor at The Institute of Education, UCL. He is a teacher, Educational Psychologist and writer. As a practitioner, Chris has spent many years working with the most marginalised young people and families and in particular, those subject to school exclusion and the youth justice system. He has published a number of academic articles in Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties and Educational Psychology in Practice, alongside opinion pieces in The Independent, Byline Times and The Psychologist. Chris co-delivers 'Participatory Action Research' projects, led by young people and supported by doctorate researchers at the Institute of Education with a focus on evaluating education systems and actioning change.


Session Details

This interactive session will help participants to understand how participatory action research (PAR) can be used to empower young people, challenge systems and create actionable alternatives to the educational status quo. Over the last three years States of Mind, alongside their partner organisation, University College London, have been running a PAR project, 'Breaking the Silence' ( When conducting PAR, young people are active participants, not passive subjects and the process is often transformative for those taking part. Importantly, for others who engage with the findings, PAR presents a unique window into the perspectives and innovative ideas of students, in a context where listening to young people or co-creating educational realities alongside them is rare. In taking part in Breaking the Silence, young people work with UCL researchers throughout an academic year. In this case, the purpose has been to develop an 'education evaluation framework' designed by young people. Young participants work with autonomy and design their own research questions, generate data, co-deliver interviews, focus groups, build and disseminate surveys and analyse the data. Participants have presented their findings in a variety of guises - in writing, at numerous national and international conferences and to central government at the Education Select Committee. The session will demonstrate how young people develop the research skills, knowledge and power to co-create new educational realities and promote evidence-based alternatives. Attendees will take part in activities that build an awareness of how PAR works in practice and how it feels to be involved.
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