The Soil Project - How I Created My Own University

January 23, 2022 3:30 PM
25 Minutes
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Thien Quach

Thien Quach is an entrepreneur, (un)educator, financial advisor, social experiment conductor, and experiencer who senses what emerges for a more beautiful world. He is the founder and co-founder of: - The Soil Project - an international alternative higher education and gap year program - VCIL Community - a network and community of people who advocate paradigm shift, sustainable/regenerative development through alternative (non-traditional) education, and entrepreneurship. - Starfish Community to advocate entrepreneurship, promote financial literacy, and raise emotional intelligence with money for young people. -- His effort is to learn and create enterprises in reimagining education, tourism, economy, and business for a regenerative future.


Session Details

I went to a university and it failed to provide me answers for my holding questions: Who am I? What can I do to contribute to building a more beautiful world? What is a meaningful life? What are the solutions to our global crisis? I changed to another university abroad but I still cannot find any answer except being taught how to be a good employee, how to earn more money, and grow our economy. The whole concept of higher education is mostly about getting a job and making more money. I was disappointed, depressed, and discouraged, but I did not give up. I look for other alternative universities/higher education all around the world, I did research and learn more about the education system. There are many nice alternative universities but I was not able to get there as a student due to financial constraints. Finally, I decided to create my own university. It was created not only for myself but also for young people like me, who are passionate about building their own higher education experience. This is the story of The Soil Project.
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