Reimagining Digital Learning with Curriculum for Life

January 23, 2022 6:00 PM
80 Minutes
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Peter Williams

Peter has a background in small businesses and business coaching. He has partnered with business schools and consultancies to support the development of people, teams and organizations internationally since 2008. A long-serving trustee in schools and educational charities, currently with the PSHE Association, he was co-founder of The Youth Leadership Trust in 2012 and part of the team that initiated the Curriculum for Life concept. By convening a multi sector team of experts and collaborative partners from around the world, he is dedicated to enabling the delivery of a transformative, progressive curriculum that reflects and responds to the needs and expectations of children and young people now and in the future.


Oli Williams

Oli is a graduate in Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of Utrecht and is currently completing an MSc in ‘Social Justice and Community Action’ at the University of Edinburgh. Oli supports Curriculum for Life as a project coordinator and researcher. As a researcher, he is currently distilling scholarly literature to develop a guide for how curricula can be co-created with students as partners.

Session Details

This is an opportunity to shape the future of Curriculum for Life (C4L), an open-source education platform that creates and curates curricula that support the development of positive relationships with ourselves, each other, the unique places we live in, and our planet. Think about your most memorable learning experience. What if that were shared with the world? In this session you will share your learning experiences and favourite topics and help us think creatively about how we can create an ecosystem of resource contributors that can democratise access to inspiring, high quality life-long learning. We will also explore the ways in which we like to learn and your thoughts and contributions will actively contribute to our strategy and approach to developing the Curriculum for Life. We want to learn more about the learning that you find valuable and discover how you learn it. We’re here to listen, to learn, and to respond with action!
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