How to Lead & Sustain a Movement

January 23, 2022 1:00 PM
55 Minutes
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Hammed Kayode Alabi

Hammed is a Social Entrepreneur, 2x Author, and Educator with 12 years of active citizenship and volunteering experience. He completed his Masters degree in Africa and International Development at the University of Edinburgh. He currently works as the West London Educational Mentoring Coordinator at Refugee Education (UK), where he connects young refugees/asylum seekers to mentors for educational support.


Session Details

Movements across the world are often started by one person, one leader with a great sense of purpose. People saw this purpose and found their purpose in those purposes. They found their why in the leaders’ why. They could tell their story within the movement because they could see and own their story in the movement’s story. As a young leader myself who has led a movement of young people driving youth and educational change in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. I have learned what it means to lead a movement and it is about telling stories that connect. Allowing people to find their why in those stories and desperately caring about the people you are serving. In such a way that when they live, they will still be the custodian of the why. I will be using videos and personal experiences to show us how we can be the kind of leader that can lead and sustain a movement.
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