How to Claim your Spiritual Center as a Changemaker

January 21, 2022 7:00 PM
55 Minutes
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Mentor Dida

Raised during the war in Kosovo, Mentor knows well what happens when society does not nurture compassion and empathy in its citizens. Mentor’s childhood sparked his path as a serial changemaker, determined to promote these values through movement building for systematic change. All this started while he was an engineering student at Arizona State University. His leadership has touched hundreds of thousands of people, notably starting young as a student leader and co-founding three Kosovar non-profit organizations addressing youth empowerment, the environment, and poverty alleviation. Other than his ventures, Mentor has spent five years as a Social Entrepreneur at Ashoka, the world’s leading social entrepreneur organization, and now along with his own business he is a consultant at the Federal Government of the United States, United Nations, USAID, and more. In his free time, he serves as a coach for aspiring changemakers throughout the world. Learn more at


Session Details

There is a taboo following the word spirituality. The people who are spiritual are stereotyped, judged, and seen as "woo woo". This makes us feel less centered and outspoken about our sense of spirituality. But yet, we know that spirituality is one of our main drives and we should not hide it. Join this session to claim your spiritual center so that you can show the world that spirituality is rocketfuel of changemakers.
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