The Gardener & the Garden

January 21, 2022 2:00 PM
55 Minutes
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Karima Kadaoui

For over 10 years in Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development, as a facilitator and experience based researcher, I have had the privilege to witness how the trust in our human potential and unconditional love create the conditions for societal metamorphosis manifesting and manifested by the emergence of social ecosystems of a humanizing society. I cofounded Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development in 2009. However, my Tamkeen Process story started before that, with my lived experience research and that of my Tamkeen colleagues and friends'. We questioned our questions and co-explored the revealed "in-between". It entailed bringing together my personal growth process and my 25 years of working experience in the private sector as a big five management consultant, in the public sector as the advisor to the Minister of Employment, Vocational Training and Housing in the Moroccan Government and in various experiences in the social sector. The most defining experience of all; being the mother of two daughters, Sara and Maria.


Nadia Sandi

Nadia is social change senior leader who's cocreating with different partners to accelerate the shift towards a world where everyone is a changemaker, thriving and regenerating our planet and all living ecosystems. She co-launched Thriving Children Everywhere, an initiative to democratize thrivability capabilities and experiences and co-steward learning ecosystem transformation. She is also a leadership group member of Perspectivist's business regeneration arm. Prior to that, Nadia was an advisor at the World Bank’s Innovation Labs and Youth in Development program, as well as worked on its private sector development issues for the Africa region. She also oversaw the International Finance Corporations investments valuations. Nadia reconnected with her passion at Ashoka, where she was the director of project management and integration at Ashoka’s Changemakers. Earlier in her career, she also worked at private business consulting, investment banking as well as in executive education. Nadia is an avid lifelong learner; she’s part of many learning circles, journeys and community of practices, including the Ubuntu Circle, the Weaving Lab, Regenerative Leadership, ulab 2x. She’s a happy mom to Adam and Elias.

Session Details

What would happen if we saw our school as a garden? And our neighborhoods, organizations, communities and systems? What about our society? What makes a garden beautiful? What would water, nourish and sustain our education-system-garden? Who would be the gardener? "The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind." (Rumi) #seeingwithdifferenteyes #listeningtothequietmelody #freedom&imaginationrunningfreeholdinghands #unconditionnallove #welearntounderstand #embodiedunderstanding In this Tamkeen Workshop, the partners-in-flourishing will playfully cocreate a "Makan Makin" and co-explore these questions.
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