Cultivating A Success Mindset (CASM)

January 23, 2022 11:00 AM
55 Minutes
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Andile Kwakweni

Andile is a business leader extraordinaire. He typifies a rare find of an achiever with a niche professional background as a People Empowerment and Performance Enhancement Specialist in private, public and community environments. He is popularly referred to as a Great Role Model, Nurturer, Igniter and Influencer by his Young Friends, Business Associates, Leaders and Entrepreneurs with whom he has worked. Andile works with individuals and groups towards self discovery and launching, performance improvement and productivity. He also works with leaders and their teams to improve diversity and inclusion, personal and team effectiveness, and cohesiveness. Andile converts his expertise and experience into a simplified impactful compartment through his business, ALULIA.


Session Details

Who does success belong to? An elite gifted few? Consciously or unconsciously many a youths apportion success to people from certain families, areas or various societal moulds. This session claims that you are ordinary and would live a fulfilled and extraordinary life if only you, daily, discovered and developed your true self. "When you become clear about the gift your past has given to you, many things begin to make sense and living a full and authentic life despite man-made restrictions becomes possible.”
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