Crazy Beautiful World: A Poetic Exploration

January 22, 2022 1:00 PM
55 Minutes
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Awen Aponte

Awen has 16 years’ experience mentoring Inez, offering her unique insights into child and teen development. He is highly creative with a love of language and had his poetry published in a youth anthology when he was 12. His Crazy Beautiful World poem was set to video and will appear on the new website soon. He is responsible for and passionate about ensuring that CBW continues to genuinely listen to and involve young people. He is currently studying Fashion at Exeter College.


Inez Aponte

Inez has 25 years’ experience in creative facilitation, performance storytelling, participatory design and event management. Focusing on the interplay between language, storytelling and behaviour change, she seeks to cultivate our ‘radical collective imagination’. Her work with young people in communities and education, and her role as a mother, have offered her unique insights into the life world of young people. Her approach is both sensitive and joyful, allowing her to connect to many different individuals and groups.

Session Details

We are a mother and teenage son and in September 2021 we formed a Community Interest Company called Crazy Beautiful World. We started this project in response to the frustrations and disappointments with the adult world that Awen started expressing two years ago when he was 14. We both agreed that it appeared that the older generation had let teens and young adults down. We decided to start by initiating intergenerational conversations in the hope that by connecting honestly and courageously around the challenges we face we might begin to develop the wisdom and compassion we need to navigate the 21st Century. In this community garden session we will explore the questions: In a world that seems to have gone crazy, what is it that keeps you going? When life feels tough and confusing, where do you find comfort, support, inspiration and joy? What would a world look like where we have moved from the Crazy to the Beautiful? We hope you will come and explore this with us!
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