Compassionate Systems Change in Education

January 22, 2022 6:00 PM
80 Minutes
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Antoine Béland

Antoine is an educator that dreams of a world where all kids can grow up in caring communities that nurture their full person and potential. He joined YxY in January 2021 because he believes young people must be at the center of building such a world. And he just started his dream job as assistant director of a summer camp near Montréal, Canada, where he will be working every day to make that a reality!


Session Details

How do you go about creating change in your education system that will really last and sustain over time? And how to do it in a compassionate way, bringing everybody in a collective vision and healing the wounds of oppression rather than creating new ones? That is what we are going to unpack together with the help of the Compassionate Systems framework. This approach is currently used in many different schools, school districts and statewide systems of education in 10 countries. You will leave the workshop with a good understanding of the basics of the approach, an in depth knowledge of one of the tools in the toolbox, and curiosity to discover more!
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