April 8, 2024



Weave with me - a lyric of peace,

Let's make a fine linen

of hope for the night

plagued by racism.

Blood is thicker than water -

why let the depth

of the ocean cut

the cord of our existence?

The heart pumps blood -

Who is here with no heart?

Weave with me - a race

of new breeds,

The lineage of true humans,

Where the color loses

its power and our heart

gets lost in love for one another.

We are bound by a thread; neither the race nor the color

of our skin can cut,

It's the truth

of our being.

Weave with me;

Let's co-create an antidote for the dying world, and

midwife the world of our deepest longing,

We are healers - let the world die not in our hands.

We are Watchmen,

The tower of the world's security.

"Ubuntu - I am because of who we are...”


This poem embodies the spirit of Ubuntu, an African philosophy emphasizing communal unity, reflecting on the need for a collective effort to weave a fabric of peace and hope in a world marred by racism. It challenges the divisions caused by race and color, suggesting that such differences are superficial compared to our shared humanity and the universal experience of having a heart. The poet calls for a new race of humans who transcend these divisions, where love overpowers prejudice, and our shared human essence binds us more strongly than any physical difference could separate us. Through a metaphorical appeal to weave together a linen of hope, the poem advocates for creating a world rooted in the principles of love, unity, and mutual respect. It underscores the notion that we are all connected, suggesting that our survival and flourishing are deeply interdependent. The poet envisions a world where the concept of Ubuntu is lived out fully, fostering a global community where the well-being of each individual is tied to the well-being of all, making us all watchmen for the world's security and healers for its ailments, holding the power to transform our collective existence.

This is UBUNTU!

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