February 19, 2024

Share the Care

Share the Care
Share the Care
Share the Care
Share the Care
Share the Care
Share the Care
Share the Care
Share the Care


Today, see that tree, is it green?

Inform them to save their greed

The ground is as bare as enough

I can’t sit any longer and experience the rough

Of rouge individuals hovering with speed

Searching for possible means to satisfy their greed

They claim it is hard to survive this harsh economy

Seriously? Don’t you realize you are falling a colony?

This bare land doesn’t give me a bearing to where I can bear the burden

I call all to unite, let us make ground greening sudden

So that tomorrow we have cool breeze

Air fresh, not where children sneeze

Just because greed is eroding mother earth.

Why inhibit land process of birth?

Why do you just sit and watch?

We must stand up for regeneration and coach

Let us save mother earth and her fertility

Let us do it with much agility

Stand up with no fear

The tainted atmosphere must be clear

The teaching must be engrossed in bloodline to flow for generations

That is when we will be in celebrations

Stand up! May be we can make a difference

Let us make care our responsibility, yes caring!

May be you and me have a hand that can so much care, and so well nurture

It is different to be responsible, it feels different for nature

Imagine it! YES

Imagine having a hand in nature

Imagine nature the way you want it

Imagine nature at its peace

Imagine, it is in your hands

You and Me, Yes!

You are not alone

We have a hand, a helping hand

A caring hand, a nurturing hand

And a BIG Heart.

Imagine it!

What if we share the care?

And brainstorm sustainable, fair ideas of regeneration

With actions from radical re-imagination

In spaces of co-elevation

Forming circles of intergenerational learning

To differently make a difference

And offer that little care

Not once!

No blames, no cons, just pros

Let us make a difference, it makes nature feel Different

Share the care!


Share the care is a poem calling for climate action and environmental vigilance. It points out that people know how things are happening, causing degradation and also a possible solution but oftentimes, people fail to take action by standing up for protection. Share the care reminds us of the strengths if collaborated efforts and beauty in caring unconditionally.

The poet, Wilson Oding, is a painter, writer, organic farmer, environmental activist and community organizer. His work mostly speaks for environmental conservation and awareness.

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Share the Care
Share the Care
Share the Care
Share the Care
Share the Care
Share the Care
Share the Care
Share the Care

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