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A 10-month fellowship program for community weavers in education.

About the Weavership

The YxY Weavership is a capacity-building fellowship program for youth community organizers who are "weaving" local and global communities in service of education transformation. This YxY Weavership has been created in partnership with the Weaving Lab, a globally-renowned community of practice for weavers, founded by the world's leading social entrepreneurs.
The Weaving Lab

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The Weavership begins with 5 months of learning (one required 2-hour session per month) followed by 5 months of practice as a weaver, which could be: becoming a YxY Host of a Global Action Circle; launching a YxY Hub in your local community; or serving as a weaver in another community of your choosing. As a YxY Weaver, you will also receive personalized coaching and unique access to professional opportunities.
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5 months learning + 5 months practice

Why Weaving?

To transform education from the current status quo (lack of youth automony, and other issues mentioned in the video) to a system where young people have agency over their own learning, we need more young people weaving new ways of being, learning and doing into our schools and communities. The act of weaving is a complex: it involves deep self-awareness, developing intergenerational and intercultural relationships, organizing diverse education stakeholders around a common vision and mobilizing people into action. It involves being and becoming the (eco)systems we wish to see.

As a YxY Weaver, you will learn how to weave the self, relationships, groups, communities, ecosystems and movements towards a world where all people and plaent can thrive. Learn more about the skills you will learn on the Weaving Lab's website.

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